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To help ensure you get the best from your logs.

Below gives you an insight on the various tips and tricks that you can do at home to get the very best out of every log.

while logs will always retain some moisture, a timber store structure provides a great solution for keeping them dry and ventilated.

Stack wood on level ground. Rows of wood will stay upright and remain sturdier when placed on level ground instead of tilted areas.

Stack it in an area that gets plenty of air circulation and is protected from the rain.

Limit your stacks to no higher than 4 feet (1.2 m) tall. Stacks taller than this become wobbly and unsteady. Rows of wood may fall over if stacked too high.

Using bin liners over the top of the stack is a cost effective simple solution. to you could use a tarpaulin.

If stacking alongside a wall try to leave a 6 inch gap for ventilation , cover just the top, leaving the front open.

Reduce exposure to ground moisture by putting something between the ground and the wood, such as a wooden pallet, or drainable gravel or rock.

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